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Who we are

Rosebud is a Global Investment Banking Boutique with offices in Sao Paulo. 

Based in our network of Associates, Asset Management Companies, Investors and Technological partners, we have a global presence in different world regions and markets.

Rosebud is a fast-growing company with a portfolio of several billion deals along Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Middle East, and North America.
We are quite successful bridging Investors, Project Owners, Corporations, Technologies, and Business Models.

We develop solutions to make investments and project funding feasible and effective worldwide.

Recently we launched our initial investment budget to start-ups in some specific sectors, as such as new clean/green tech, sustainable solutions, new technologies and fin-tech, etc.    

We are proud to highlight our “leit motiv” that is intrinsically drafted on business ethics, grounded in sustainable economic principles and fundamentally traced by a distinctive behaviour reflected in our endogenous engagement towards mitigation, adaptation, and resilience to climate change.

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Our activity is fundamentally structured in a value-added network

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Corporate Partnerships

Investment Companies

Private Investors

Technological Partnerships

Funds and Asset Managers


Holistic Services

Intermediaries and Finders

Legal Partners


Eduardo Pereira

Eduardo is a successful professional in investment banking with focus in large-scale infrastructure, green energy projects as well as Consultant and Corporate Executive. He is a Portuguese citizenship who lives in Brazil. He has 30-year track record in the business field with predominance in Energy and Sustainable Development. He was deeply engaged during 2000-2012 in the market of green energies and sustainability consultancy in South Europe. He also had worked in large corporations in Innovation and Global Management. Recently he was Founder and Vice President of a Portuguese Business Chamber in Southeast Brazil as well as board member in other Business Committees for Sub Sharan Africa.  In Europe was engaged in civil society activities related to the Global Climate Challenges and Sustainable Development through political activity and International Associations.  


Paula Venturim

Paula is a professional with more than 18 years of experience working in multiple areas of sales, marketing, and communication, including ones such as communication tools planning and development, product management, close interaction with opinion leaders, coordination of trade shows participations, and market research.  

A long-term career in Large Corporates, including a Global Entertainment Player, highly skilled in negotiation and business development in multi-cultural environments with strong experience in LATAM, United State and Europe. Nowadays Paula is also putting a strong focus in start-ups and market development of new projects in harmony with seed and venture capital.  


Thiago Pessotti

Marketing & Commercial Director

Thiago is a multidisciplinary professional with a relevant experience in the commercial area, including sectors as such media, food, and start-ups in the Brazilian market. He is graduated in Marketing & Publicity with specialization and training in high performance and strategic sales.

In the last 6 years, his focus was on the commercial area of large companies in the food and services sector, where his main function was as a Senior Commercial Manager for large accounts, as well as with strong competences for implementation and management of sales teams in whole Brazilian territory.

Our Presence and strategic Associates 









Buenos Aires

San Paolo


New York


Rosebud is located in San Paolo 

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